Uncover your most-authentic self.

Do you feel like your life is rushing by all around you, without your consent? Are you unable to identify your own wants and desires? Maybe you are unsure of how to start working towards your creative dreams. If any of this applies to you, Brazenly Beautiful will help get you started on your creative journey to confidence.

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What's Inside

Brazenly Beautiful is more than just an e-book. Each chapter is complete with an exercise or challenge to put into practice, followed by several journaling prompts to really get you digging deep into yourself.



How to sit in silence

Chapter 1 introduces the idea of getting comfortable with yourself and yourself alone through one of the most basic and yet profound exercises -- sitting in silence. 


Quality time alone

In this chapter we talk about how to really begin loving yourself through quality time spent intentionally on your own. 


Daily Affirmations

This chapter discusses the importance of using daily affirmations as a tool for building confidence.


Spiritual Understanding

Chapter 4 discusses the idea of adding spirituality and gratitude into your mix of tools for building creativity and boldness.



In this chapter we begin to discuss the different types of self-expression and why it is helpful to begin using them as exercises to gain confidence. 


Explore Independently

The next level of boldness opens up the world of travel in a unique way. Chapter 6 presents challenges and journaling to help you gain even more boldness.


Establish Your Place

Finally we discuss the boldness and individuality that blossoms from finding your place in the world. 



 Step Out is the bonus chapter that teaches the idea of standing up for yourself while applying the exercises learned in previous chapters. 

A note from the author

"I wanted to create a product that could reach women where they are. Too often we get overwhelmed and anxious about our biggest dreams and largest goals, so we never allow ourselves to try. I belive we all start somewhere, and for many of you this book will be that starting line. 

Brazenly Beautiful introduces ideas and exercises to help you get clear and focused on what it is that you want to pursue. Most of us already know deep down but we let our thoughts and the voices of others sway us into conclusion. 

This book will help you find your clarity, gain confidence in listening to your gut and teach you real exercises on how to tap into your higher creative calling."

 -- Haley Hoover, The Sparkling Hippie

This book is for you if...

  • You're tired of trying to be someone you are not
  • You find yourself endless frustrated with not being able to create
  • You struggle to hear yourself through the "noise" of life around you
  • You can feel in your bones you need to change your life but you don't know where to begin

Begin your journey now.

Uncover your most authentic self.

Just imagine a few weeks from now when you’re closer than ever to the life you imagine for yourself.

Buy Now - $20