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Get an expert opinion on how to proceed in your creative journey with confidence and passion.

Bring Peace of Mind to Your Journey.

Receive one-on-one support with someone you trust.

Talk with someone who's been there.

Haley has been through all of this before and is still journeying deeper today. Get coaching from someone who understands the struggle.

Open up your world.

Release your limits and allow the world to open up around you. Haley's coaching will help you achieve this on an individual level.

Get the support your crave.

No one wants to go on a journey alone. Our coaching plans help you receive the encouragement and support you need.


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Comprehensive help from a Creative Confidence Expert! 

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1-on-1 Support 

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Meet Your Coach:

Haley Hoover

"I believe there are no rules in art, life or business. Who says you have to look a certain way? Shouldn't our stories be as unique and as personal as each and every one of us?  

My story is about finding the ultimate happy ending -- not a soulmate-- but a soul. I believe creativity, spirituality and travel are tools we can use to help become the most authentic version of ourselves. At least, that's what has worked for me.  

Perhaps you too, have a voice inside you telling you to go do something brave. What's it saying? Take that first brave step by joining my coaching program. Together we can shake the crummy dust off our boots and change the world! "

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(3) 1-hour coaching calls via Zoom.

-Set your intentions beforehand with our assessment.

-Have your questions ready for Haley to answer.

-Discuss any related issues or questions you may have regarding your journey.

 -Receive a personalized plan for how to move past your stumbling blocks.


*Note: This is GUINNEA PIG PRICING! These prices will go up after December 2018. Take advantage of a new program with low prices and low risk!


Will my calls be conducive with my schedule? Yes. Haley will work with you individually to schedule your calls.

Can I receive coaching from anywhere in the world? Yes. The coaching is done virtually through a program called "Zoom." As long as you have a computer or tablet and internet connection you can be coached.